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3" AC BL

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Ok guys,

I have about 95% of the 3" BL done; I should finish tomorrow. How the hell does the steering come apart to fit in the spacer? Beat the hell out of it?

Anyway, I know you'll love pics so here's a few to show height, though, I also have the 2.5 AC coils in the front and the AALs and shackles in the rear. Next will be to figure out wheels and BIGGER tires. :happy7:

Here's a "good" one showing the gap that happens. :tard:
I need to call Jim at Shrockworks about a fix for it and to extend the skid longer to fit.

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It's been a disaster doing it. I've only had myself, so it's been sloooow going. Constantly something stuck, something doesn't line up, need 3 hands, don't have the right tools, etc, etc.

As for the gap size, it is more like 4-4.5". The reason is the 3" from the lift + 1-1.5" just caused by putting on the Shrock bumper.

As for the headlights...looks like crap, huh. Functionally though, I have not tried the lights as the battery is still out of the X. If it casues problems, I know I can raise the bumper up ~2-2.5" by just moving the bumper up from 3 to 2 bolts. The problem with that is how strong it will be; fine for driving around but not much else.

Muzikman...what did the dealer tell you. Oh, maybe it's in the thread.
OK, A quick update...

I got it back to driveable. The steering was a PITA.

I ended up raising the bumper as I mentioned. Looks as good as new...

I'll contact Jim on MOnday about a permenant fix and the skidplate.
I also had a rear bumper guard that I need to figure out how to get back on so it looks OK.

I also want to jack up each wheel, one at a time, to make sure all wires, hoses, etc. will extend as needed for when I go offroading.

In the next few days I'll post new wheel/tire question for you guys to help me with. :alien:
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S_e_X-Terra said:
As for the body lift, it looks bad ass! Im glad you fixed the visual problem with the shrock bumper. Now just post a how to and it will be all good. :happy2: Especially remark on the steering situation!
As for my how-to, this is even better...I scanned the BL Instructions and put them in a Word Doc. Get it here...

BEFORE you go there... Note: juct clicking on it will open the doc in the html window. To download to your computer for saving/viewing as normal, RIGHT click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

Also, I talked to Jim as Shrockworks; no fixes available of either the bumper or the skidplate. He said he'd think about it.
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