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Having to pull my engine front cover on my 2015 Xterra Pro-4X to inspect my timing chain guides left me having to purchase the 2nd Gen Xterra Flywheel Locking Tool in order to hold the crank still while removing the harmonic balancer and to ensure the engine remains locked at #1 Cylinder - Top Dead Center.
If any of you folks have ever looked for instructions pertaining to how to use this tool on the internet, I wish you lots of luck…
It amazes me that there is such a LACK of information on how to properly install and setup this tool correctly to successfully lock your flywheel for timing chain servicing.
Here’s a hint, it DOES NOT attach at the starter mount as some manuals may tell you, trust me, THAT tool is VERY different and carries a different part number.

THIS is the correct J-48761 Flywheel Locking Tool as I received it…
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There is a cover plate at the 6-o’clock position of the transmission bell housing that’s held in place with a small 10mm bolt, remove this bolt and the cover.
If you have the factory Pro-4X skid plates installed as I do, you may want to remove
The one under the transmission to give you better access to the securing bolt for easier removal.
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Once the cover plate is removed, this is what you should now see…
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The tool is then inserted into the gap where the cover was removed and is locked down with the hex-bolt installed (captive) in the tool with an Allen Wrench, (not included).
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Your flywheel is now locked SOLID!
Ready for timing chain service and setup.

I hope this helps someone out there.
There is little to NO info about the proper use of this tool provided online, and it took me over an HOUR to gather the info I needed, so, I decided to take the guess work out and show you all exactly how this works.
The tool is worth the price, and I’ll be keeping mine in case I ever have to break into this front cover again.
Have a great day everyone…
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