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I bought a '06 Night Armor X S - no R/F stereo and I had the intentions of upgrading with speakers first then a new head unit followed by amp/ sub-woofer. I got my speakers 2 weeks after I picked up the X and now 6 months later I picked up a Sony GT510 from CircuitCit on sale for 119 bucks. They had all the wiring harnesses and the panel adapter in-stock so rather then wait an hour to have them install the unit I brought it all home and gave it a shot. After taking everything out of the packaging the hardest part seemed to be pulling the dash apart - HA! It took me about 3 minutes to pry off the panel, 2 minutes to pull out the old head unit, 15 minutes to put the new unit into the adapter, plug in the wiring harness and antenna and screw the new head unit into place then another minute to press the panel back into place. So all told it took me about 22 minutes (after finding a flat blade and phillips head screw driver to use during the install. and it sounds GREAT! what a difference! The plus is that I've got about 60 GIGs of MP3s on CD so I'm good to go, also it has a front AUX input for my MP3 Creative Zen player that I won't be using as much. Next up is an amp and sub-woofer.
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good work. its worth it.
replacing the headunit is the best thing i have done so far. Alpine with full speed ipod controls makes life so much easier.

now wasnt that easy!

what kind of speakers did you install?
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