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Ok Ive been reading for quite a while now and this stuff goes right over my head. here is what i have so far.

05 S manual 3.54 6 bolt - 29 spline
05 OR manual 3.69 6 bolt - 29 spline
09 OR manual 3.69 4 bolt - 24 spline
06 OR auto 3.36 4 bolt - 29 spline

these i have confirmed!

This is the mess i have on my hands right now.

24 spline 6 bolt 2007 nismo 2wd

29 manual (this seems to be holding true for now)

The "S" trim level in 2005 for the manual transmission came with a 3.54 gear set and the "Off-Road" trim level in 2005 for the manual transmission came with a 3.69 gear set. Both 29 and 24 spline count yolks can be found on these models from 2005 until mid 2006.

The 3.54 ratio pinion has 29 splines (this seems to be true)

Both the 3.36 and 3.54 ration pinions have a 29 spline count (and my shop was able to re-use my original yoke when installing the 3.36 gears).

6 bolt = 29
4 bolt = 21 + 3 big spline = 24 spline (this is not true)

From what i've gotten from greg, the 04 - 05 titans and 05 X/Frontiers had 29 spline( not true. some 2006 included. maybe more)

Everything 06+ has 24-spline. but we still need to verify this. (not true maybe 2007+?)

im pretty sure all 06+ 4wd m226 are 24 spline but 2wd would have a mix between 24 and 29 spline but because nissan likes to change stuff around there is no way to know what spline came on what vehicle (not true)

need a rear yolk for the M226 rear axle with a 24 spline count. This can be found on Xterras from 2006 and newer.

The 4.10's that Steve has require the 29 spline pinion. My M205 was also a three fin out of a n '07 and it needed the yoke.

My M226 also required a new yoke. I think all the M226's have the 4 bolt rear but maybe not. Regardless, 4.10 gears require new front and rear yokes.

The thinking now is that 2005 Xterra M226 has 29 splines and 2006 up have 24 splines.

Titan M226 and the Titan yoke is compatible with only the 29 splines, and it reportedly (according to Superior) has different yoke bolt pattern to the driveshaft than the X; the bolt pattern issue can be addressed by a driveline shop mod of the driveshaft fairly easily.

it was the 24 spline (his truck is 2wd )

29 spline mid 2006 all 24 spline

all 05 have 29

m205 07 has 24 spline

What I would like is for anyone that is 100% about info to please post up.
If you have changed your gears let me know year trim auto or manual gears and what your spline count is. we also need this information for the m205.

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It's a Frontier but...

2009, PRO-4X, 4x4, King Cab, 6MT, 3.69 Gears, 4 Bolt 24 spline yoke on the M226.

On the Rugged Rocks website it says ALL M205's need the 29 spline yoke.
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