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2013 Titan Pro4X: A.R.E. "Z" Series Truck Cap

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Intro Comments: My new 2013 Titan Pro4X

Username: AZ-Ted

Make: Nissan
Year: 2013
Model: Titan
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Super Black


650lb Eibach Coils and Bilstein 5100 shocks up front (stock height)

Wheels / Tires:
2 BFG AT KOs (to replace two crappy P-metric tires that failed too early)
2 stock "Rugged Fails" - as soon as they pop, I will replace them

A.R.E. "Z" Series Truck Cap


It will be my tow vehicle for the X - Which will now become a trailer queen.

Here is the new A.R.E. cap I picked up (Z model):

My first truck wash done by some highly talented professionals....
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Nice look'in truck wash there Ted.... :iconbiggrin:

Awesome truck Ted !
I'm waiting for the V8 Cummins Diesel to come out for the Titan!
I had some time over the holidays to upgrade the front coilovers.

Here are the stock Ranchos after only 15K miles:

I installed these (650lb. Eibachs with 5100 Bilsteins from PRG):

I'm really happy with the ride quality! The truck is no longer bouncing up and down like a low rider with 15 switches - haha.
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Nice looking coilovers and Titan!
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