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Hi guys,

I live in New England and my xterra has extensive rust damage on the underbody. Not rot though, just severe surface rust that has majorly compromised the integrity of the entire exhaust system. This warranted replacing everything from both cats back as fumes in the cabin started to become an issue.

Overall the exhaust job went as expected but during reassembly on the passenger side I noticed that the flange at the exhaust manifold was completely shorn off. A pretty clean break that my brother and I are thinking we can weld without removing the manifold. However, in other research I noticed that some cat designs feature press-fit flanges, which I know can be viable for areas in the exhaust that take less pressure.
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The exact location is as follows: exhaust manifold passenger side--> first catalytic converter--> broken flange--> secondary catalytic converter-->rest of the exhaust.

Does anyone know if the OEM catalytic converters off the exhaust manifold on a California emissions are press fit type, or any other details about how the pipes were originally designed? Also, what material the OEM exhaust components might be made of- a cast iron, aluminized steel or something else? Maybe Chinesium? My brother is confident he can weld a new flange but I want to be sure the pipe can accept the weld.

I am strapped right now so even an affordable replacement cat and manifold are not in the cards so any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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