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I am working on a 2007 Xterra 2wd 4.0 engine with the 5 spd Auto (pretty sure it is a jatco re5r05a)

So I have done a bunch of google searching on this issue and not found much that helped or worked but maybe ya'll know of better key words.

To start this car was used to power another car via jumper cables while someone was testing stuff and killed the battery on the Xterra. They took the battery in to be recharged and found that it was cracked and ended up buying a new battery. Once the new battery was installed they had a P0700 Code and with a Snap on Scanner we found 3 transmission codes(U1000, P1212, U1001). Along with these codes they had the issue that I am trying to solve (i will go into detail later).

Doing some research I recommended that they clean all of the battery connections and terminals as they were pretty dirty from what I remember. Once they did this and cleared the codes there have been zero codes from the ECU/OBD or the transmission but the problem has persisted.

The problem that we have been having is on startup the O/D off light will come on and flash once and stay on. From there the transmission is stuck in 4th gear. Moving the shifter from Drive to 3-2-1 shows on the dash that you are in that gear BUT the vehicle still drives like it is 4th gear. There are no upshifts of downshifts, really slow acceleration. Once moving at speed it feels normal. It does not feel at all like it is slipping it 100% feels like it is just in 4th gear.

From what I have read it sounds like the transmission is stuck in a fail-safe mode that it would of went into because of the transmission codes.

I have done a fair share of reading online ( I was just given the link to this site and told to ask here, as soon as I hit post I am going to start reading up here) and I have tried a few of the really goofy tricks to try to reset the ECU to get it to clear out and reset. I have yet to find a way to reset the fail safe mode for the TCM/Transmission.

I am at a huge loss in trying to get this thing fixed as it does belong to the 'inlaws' and I really want to try to get this figured out as I cannot imagine what went wrong with just a battery drain and new battery.

I have tried this

And while the check engine light flashes it doesn't reset anything. I have found 2-3 cases like this online in which one person had Nissan take the 50k mile vehicle back under warranty and the other person never posted the solution. One or two others have spoken about talking to a few trans shops that said it was maybe a bad converter or something in the trans but those also were throwing codes. This one has zero codes after another 50+ miles put on it like this.

A Tech at Nissan told me to just replace the trans and while that sounds fun and all hardly cheap and proof that dealers really just love throwing parts at problems.

I have a Snap-on Ethos Scanner to use so I can gather some data from the trans for what it is doing in each gear.

So I am now here asking the people here if they happen to have any higher level of knowledge on where to check next on this issue. Maybe someone with Say All-data might know of some kind of secret method to reset the TCM/ECU on this back to zero?

Radiator was replaced 3 months ago because the OEM unit blew out on top, Fluid in Radiator is still nice and green and trans fluid has no signs of water mixing.

Thank You for your time and read.

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in am not a mechanic.... I am going to suggest checking the connectors under and near the transmission.... unplug those connectors and inspect for corrosion on the inside of the plugs. check/remove the grounds on battery body side and opposite side.....
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