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I am a proud new owner of this Xterra. Sealed up all of the oil leaks (valve covers, valve cover gasket, front main seal, oil cooler seal), flushed coolant and did a pressure test, replaced 5/6 spark plugs (#2 is stuck), new tires (previous owner had different sized tires on, so hopefully the tcase is okay). It had the external transmission cooler on it already. Transmission fluid looks good. Is there anything else these trucks are known for breaking down that may require my attention? ODO reads 203,867mi.

I noticed Shrockworks is out of business. Any recommendations on new bumpers that are affordable? I do have welding experience.
I wanted to retrofit some DRL, but I don't see any existing wires for them. I'll have to see what's manageable.
I will post here my journey with this Xterra, both the additions I make to it and the additions it gives to me.

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