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2006 Xterra Off Road without Locking Rear Diff and Hill Descent Control?

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I've been looking at buying a 2006 Xterra Offroad version that does not have the switches for electronic locking rear diff and hill descent control. I thought these were standard. Am I missing something, or has it been re-badged?
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They breifly made an Off Road that was 2wd. 2005 & 2006 only I believe. But I think it still came with the locking rear-end.
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"Xterra Off-Road 2WD ($23,750) and 4WD ($26,050) come standard with the Utility Package and add an electronic locking rear differential, Bilstein off-road shocks, skid plates, fog lamps, 16-inch alloy off-road wheels and taller 265/75R16 B.F. Goodrich Rugged Trail all-terrain tires. Off-Road capability is further enhanced by advanced electronics: Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), Hill Descent Control (HDC), and Hill Start Assist, all of which reduce skidding and wheel spin and maintain stability through selective application of the anti-lock braking system. A distinctive black body side molding, unique blue seat fabric, and a cargo net further distinguish Off-Road models from garden-variety Xterras. The automatic is optional ($800). "
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