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2006 Xterra Off Road without Locking Rear Diff and Hill Descent Control?

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I've been looking at buying a 2006 Xterra Offroad version that does not have the switches for electronic locking rear diff and hill descent control. I thought these were standard. Am I missing something, or has it been re-badged?
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Another note, the Hill ascent/descent assist stuff is only on the automatic. The 6MT doesn't have that, but does still have the locking rear diff.
The O-R 6MT has the clutch start/cancel switch too. Supposedly useful like the hill ascent/descent assist, but for the manual.
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Not in 06 they didn't. I think that was added in the 2009 year.
Interesting. It's on my 2008, though, so definitely added in at least 2008.
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