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2006 Xterra Driver Side Tow Hook

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Has anyone installed a driver side tow hook on the 06 X yet? I've seen some posts for tow hooks on the older generations where the nuts were not welded on the frame. Does anyone know if they are welded in the inside frame where the tow hook would go on the new generation xterra? If so do you know the size of the bolts required to fit the nut? were there any problems installing?

We want to go camping on Friday and take the canoe with us. It would be really nice to have a tow hook on that side to attach my strap to (as we have dual straps for the front, one on each side).

Here were a couple of links that may be useful.;f=4;t=004278#000000;f=4;t=004064#000000;f=4;t=003577#000000;f=7;t=000366#000000

I didnt see anywhere in any of the posts that said they have done it with the new generation xterra. I think they were all from the first generation. Anyone do it with the 2005 or 2006 models?
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I brought this up a long time ago and it wouldn't work with out modding your front skid plate and it's really close to the radiator anyways so it's really not worth it because if you take one good blow to that and it gets pushed into the radiator then you'll run the chance of overheating issues or even a leak.
What are the two holes for underneath the front driverside? It is into the frame and even looks as if the nuts are already welded onto the inside so that it is ready to screw it. The holes are on the frame in the front and measure about 3.5" from one center to the next. You dont think a tow hook can be mounted there?
I would say for your needs it would be a fine place.
Does anyone know of a good tow hook that has the holes 3.5" from center to center (2 holes)? seems like the local 4x4 shops only have tow hooks with 1.5" between the holes.
I was looking at this yesterday and it looks like it can accept an OEM tow hook. Can't you just take the one from the passenger side off adn see if it fits? Or buy one from the dealer and return it if it doesn work?

Both sides appear to be exactly the same. Maybe Nissan did this for those who wanted the otehr tow hook?
I mounted a Curt Mfg front hitch on my 06 S. There are nuts inside the frame on the driver's side with the same spacing and bolt size as the passenger's side. According to the installation instructions for the hitch the bolt size is M12-1.25 x 40hex.

I believe you could easily install a tow hook from Nissan there or move the hook you have from the passenegrs side to to the driver's side.
Some one tried this a while back and said that it doesn't fit. Something about the way that it's curved or something. They also said they had no luck finding an aftermarket hook that fit.
muzikman said:
Some one tried this a while back and said that it doesn't fit. Something about the way that it's curved or something. They also said they had no luck finding an aftermarket hook that fit.
That someone was probably me. I looked all over for a hook that would fit those bolts on the driver's side, but could not find one. (That does not mean that there isn't something out there, though.)

You can't just put a stock hook (from the passenger side) on the driver's side, as the off-set is backwards. Nissan dealer parts dept assures me that there is no factory hook for the driver's side.

The thread for those nuts (which I think are welded into the frame) is M12x1.25. Those are the same holes in the front of the frame that are used to mount the Shrock radiator skid. (For anyone that cares, that is how the whole thing came up for me. We buggered up one of the nuts welded into the frame on the passenger side while installing the Shrock radiator skid and could not re-mount the tow hook. I did not want to go out on trips without a front recovery point, so the search was on to find something to work on the driver's side. In the end I wound up re-threading the nut to different pitch and re-mounting the factory hook in its original place, over the Shrock skid mount.)

All of the aftermarket hooks I could find had the holes spaced too close together. If you are only looking for a tie-down point for a roof mounted canoe (and not an alternate front recovery point), you could probably find some sort of ring that would bolt into one of the holes. I would think that would be strong enough for a tie-down point.

Hope this helps.
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I installed one in my 1st Gen X (See the 4th thread you posted). Haven't looked at the tow hook for the 2nd gen tho.
would the ones off of the Armada work?? Why can't you put the passenger side one on the same exact direction on the driver side? There has to be a tow hook somewhere....whats the distance btw the bolt holes??
bigwilly11189 said:
ones off of a chevy might work but that might only work on the pre 05's
I actually spent some time at the parts counter of a Chevy dealer, nothing that would work on the new trucks. I think they do have one that will fit the older ones, though.

As for the passenger (stock) side hook, note that it is offset and will be pointing the wrong way if you put it on the driver's side.
IT erks me that they dont show the spacing in between the bolts online, like there is supposed to be some universal fit.
but would it work facing the other way? I'm trying to remember...if the passenger side hook is facing inward, and you put it on the driver side it would be facing outward so it should work, unless its backwards or you want them both facing inward...Am I correct in this assumption?
I got bored so I went out into the garage and looked first had what was the problem. The problem is that because it bolts on to the side of the hook arm it off sets the hook to the passenger side (as mentioned). Since the hook is pushed to the passenger side it hits the skid plate and you would need to take about an inch off the skid plate for it to work. Here is a crappy picture of the hook.

Just figured I'd add a visual aid.

bigwilly11189 said:
would the ones off of the Armada work??

From looking at this picture on TitanTalk I would say no. If you look at the tow hook on the Xterra it drops down a good four inches, where as the Titan/Armada hooks almost come strait out. So if they do have the same distance between the bolts they will hit the plastic cladding on the front bumper.

...Dosent want to show with the images tags, so here is a link to the page.
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Thanks Terder...I guess I should have taken a better look at the hook itself. I thought it was a straight hook, damnit.
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