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Intro Comments: I’ve had my X for so long I figure it is about time I do a build thread..... and here we go...

Username: UofA_Xterra

Make: Nissan
Year: 2001
Model: Xterra
Color: Solar Yellow

Nickname: Anconeus

How she looks today:

86 Waggy D44 Front Axle WITH ARB locker, 5:13 gears, and Chromoly Axle shafts
Rear H233B WITH ARB locker and 5:13 gears
Complete intake ported/polished (Throttle body and intake manifold (lower/upper)
Heads ported/poilised (intake/exhaust side) and combustion chamber reworked
Wolf Technology S1 Camshafts
Doug Thorley headers
2.5" custom exhaust with Flowmaster Y pipe
Rugged Rock HD engine mounts
Supercharger radiator
AC transfercase crawler gears (best mod I've done prior to SAS!!)
Front Tom Words Driveshaft
Rugged Rocks front differential drop kit (Deleted since SAS)

Modified Calmini SAS kit modified to fix the breaking radius arm issue
Fox Coil Over Shocks
SOA with Revolver Shackles and longer Bilstein 5100 Shocks
BF Goodrich 315/75/16 KM2's on Craiger Soft 8’s, 16x8
1" body lift
AC braided SS brake lines
32 x 11.5 R15 BFG KM2’s on black steel wheels (Deleted since SAS)
Spencer Low Racing 3" lift with Bilstein 5100 shocks (Deleted since SAS)

Chevy 1-ton stuff
Grassroots 4x4 centerlink (Deleted since SAS)
AC HD tierod adjusters (Deleted since SAS)
Calmini idler arm brace (Deleted since SAS)

Shrockworks sliders
Shrockworks gas tank skid plate
Shrockworks rear bumper with tire carrier and Hilift mount
Calmini SAS belly pan skid plate
Custom front bumper with winch plate
Custom front bumper with skid plate (Deleted since SAS)
Shrockworks engine skid plate (Deleted since SAS)
Shrockworks transfer case skid plate (Deleted since SAS)

Nissan Quest alternator upgrade
Totron 5" 3x2 lights (2 flood and 2 spot pattern)
Custom LED rock light set up (still in the works)
Bluesea fuse block mounted in glovebox area
Cobra CB with 3' Firestik antenna mounted to roof rack

Xoskel first generation Xterra roof rack

Comments: A long time ago (June 2005) in a galaxy far far way (Berkley California) we bought our 2001 Nissan Xterra (AKA Anconeus) with 33,000 miles on the odometer. We bought it for my wife when she graduated from college.


The first thing we did was take off the mud flaps and stock step rails, then headed out on The Eagle Peak trail with some Bay Area XOC members.

The first “real” mod we did was Shrockworks sliders and a PML. We kept it that way for many years and mainly took it snowboarding, with the occasional mellow trail wheeling.

Once it was passed to me the major modifications began and more aggressive trails were tackled. Pictures and tutorial of the process:

Trail Pictures

Trail Videos


Body Lift Added 3/2/2013:

I only wanted a 1" body lift, so I cut 1/2" inch from each side of the 2" body lift pucks. This allowed each puck to retain the reinforcement in the middle of the puck. All and all it went very well with the use of a hydraulic lift table to lift from the front body crossmember. Then I used a floor jack to lift the back half of the body. A note for those with the stock spare tire..... you have to lower the spare tire down or the rear portion of the body will not separate from the frame. I really like how the 1" lift came out! I will be raising by shrockworks sliders about 1/2" in the near future.

Hardware Used:
(2) 10mm-1.25 x 55 8.8 HEX CS
(2) 10mm-1.25 x 140 10.9 HEX CS
(2) 12mm-1.25 x 16010.9 HEX CS (this is the rear most bolts and could have been 15mm shorter)
(6) 7/16 -14 x 5 GR8 HEX CS
(6) 7/16-14 GRC NUT
(16) 7/16 GR8 SAE FW (.925 OD) flat washer

My rig is still waiting for a new head so we did some obligatory wheeling in my dad's Samurai after we installed the BL


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3/24/13 - Drivetrain modifications!

It was a three month process but I am really excited about my new drivetrain setup! From everything I’ve seen on the forums I’m pretty sure this is the only Gen1 X with this engine setup. The engine had 160,000 miles on it with a leaky head gasket, so I pumped some fresh blood into it. I pulled and installed all the drivetrain myself and farmed out the machine work and short block assembly. I don't know the exact HP/TQ increase yet but I plan to have a dynotune done; then I will post up the numbers.

The engine bottom end was totally gone through and freshened up by Fultz Machine shop in Las Vegas (702-647-0311). I can’t say enough good things about Dan Fultz, his shop did a great job and turned it around promptly.

I had extensive work done to the heads and intake system. The heads were ported, polished, and had combustion chamber work done to improve quench. Additionally Wolf Technology S1 Cams were installed and valve work was done to improve flow. The lower intake, upper intake, and throttle body were all ported and polished. I also had the injectors cleaned and flow matched by RC Engineering.

Old one:

Port/polish work:

Wolf Technology S1 Camshafts:

I re-wrapped all the electrical harness as they were all cracked and brittle:

New one:

I went with Rugged Rocks heavy duty motor mounts as I wheel a lot and my drivers side stock mounts was broken:

While I was at it I upgraded to the Quest alternator (in anticipation for my lighting upgrades!). This is a simple bolt on upgrade:

The exhaust is Dough Thorley Headers --> stock secondary cats --> 2.25 inch pipe --> flowmaster 2.25 to 2.5 inch Y collector --> Dynomax muffler ---> 2.5 inch single tail pipe. The custom exhaust was installed by Performance Muffler in Vegas ( It sounds perfect! I had a Magnaflow on there at first but the drone was too much for me:

While the X was down for engine work I also installed a differential drop kit from Rugged Rocks. This thing was a serious pain in the arsss to install. I’ve done the rear lower control arm bushing on a few 240z’s (if you have you know how tough those are!) and this kit was almost as tough to do:

Lastly I had a set of AC transfer case gears installed!!!! I’m really excited about this and can’t wait until the engine break in is done, so I can test them out!

5/12/13 Revolver Shackles
Added revolver shackles and longer Bilstein 5100 shocks. The shocks are the ones AC sells in their "Articulator" kit. I had to modify the ABS bracket, extend the differential breather, and install a longer brake line (I had already done this a while back). The flex in the back is crazy now!


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9/1/13 Xoskel 1st Gen Nissan Xterra Roof Rack

This is the first Gen 1 Xterra roof rack that john has build. It took a while but the wait was worth it! The installation was straight forward and the quality is top notch. For the moment this is the only picture I have but I'll take more the next time I wheel:

The transformation video:

Roof Rack lights 1/20/14

Instilled Totron 5" square roof lights on my Xoskel roof rack, the outer two are fog pattern and the inner to are spot. I also installed a Bluesea fuse block in the glove box to power the lights. I decided to put it in the glove box because on the 1st Gens there isn't a lot of room under the dash. From the fuse block I ran the wires up the passenger A-pillar, above the head liner, through the roof (using a water tight fitting), and along the roof rack. The with panel is not finished yet. Rock lights are also coming along (1/3 of the way done), I'll update when they are finished.

Shrockworks rear bumper 5/15/14:

I installed my shrockworks rear bumper with tire carrier and Hilift jack mount. It was pretty easy but it did take some time to clearance the holes in the frame for the frame stiffener bolts to line up. I don't account this to a mistake by Shrockworks, just the nature of modifying a truck that has been wheeled for years. Shrockworks was very cool about setting this bumper up to match my 1" bodylift!


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Start of Something Awesome!

IFS Weight Reduction 7/6/14

I'm not sure what happened, but I parked my truck in the garage and all the IFS parts just started falling out. When I figure out what is going on I'll update my build thread lol.

Test fit and first drive!

The rear axle is in!

Now I just need to install the ARB compressor, the slip yoke eliminator, and have a new front bumper made! It does stand about 1-1.5 inches too tall for my taste, probably going to remove the AAL from the spring pack and adjust the front to match.

8/12/14 Update
I lowered the truck 1-1.5 inches and had a new front bumper made, the old one attached to the lower control arm mount so it had to go.

Once I finished plumbing/wiring the lock compressor I took her out for a shake out run in Logandale NV (its very much like Moab). I used to out drive the trucks set up but now my skills are the limiting factor.....time to get out of my comfort zone (Mike Marriott made sure I did)!

It was all going great until I broke! I've decided SOA is not for me and I will be having an Alacan pack made for a spring under set up.


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Lol 6 saved spots?
Have you checked Its more 1st gen oriented so more stuff that will apply to your truck.

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Don't let T-REX push you away, I have a 2001 as well and nobody frequents that forum.
There is a that has all years on it.

Love the 2001.

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Lol push him away? I was informing him of a better forum suited to his vehicle. 99% of the stuff here has nothing to do with his truck. I don't give a **** what he does.

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T-Rex I hate when good build info gets lost in build threads with 15+ pages of conversation. I saved those spaces so all the good build info could be up front and the conversations/comments could fill in after. gets little/no traffic, but I appreciate the suggestion. I'm on here because most of the NV and AZ guys I wheel with have 2nd gens. XterraNation and clubxterra are far better sites for 1st gen support.

Drew thanks for the input.

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Blue Diamond Wash

Did an easy late afternoon ride of Blue Diamond Wash to test out the AC T-case gears..... they are awesome! The gears really transform the X, obstacles that previously took some effort are now a breeze.

It was a quick run so I didn't get much video or photos.

The only video I took:

The photos:

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