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Sorry for the delay 1st gen guys and gals, we have much more that will be added to the site soon.

Freshen up your entire first gen suspension with this great 2" lift kit!
Fits all 2000 to 2004 Xterra's
Comes with-
-New front 2" Lift torsion bars
-Front 4600 series Bilstein shocks (0-3" lift)
-Choice of rear Nisstec/Deaver Add-A-Leaf or add-on a set of new custom Alcan Springs (choose in drop down).
Please call to order Alcan leaf springs and they are build to order according to your on/off-road and weight needs.
Alcan leafs may require additional shipping costs to be added to your order and take about 3 weeks to build.
* Note- If you stock rear OEM leaf springs are in poor condition, we highly recommend new rear Alcan springs.
-Axle degree shims to to correct pinion angles
-Zinc plated U-bolts
-Rear 4600 series Bilstein shocks (0-2.5" lift)

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it doesn't hurt to post it but this is a second gen site...we do have 1st gen lurkers though I suppose
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