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1stGen Hitch vs 2ndGen Hitch

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I'm looking to pick up a hitch that was pulled off of an Xterra. The man who's selling it purchased it for his frontier, but it didn't fit. He has no idea if the truck he pulled it off of was a gen 1 or 2. Is there a way I can tell the difference?

He does have 1 photo from the back, but I don't know enough to know the gens apart just from the rear.

I'll admit I'm a newbie to the Xterra's and trying to learn as much as possible, please be kind. I own a gen 2 and kinda need it to fit, but might not be there to pick it up.

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The easy way to tell a gen 2 from a gen 1 is look for the foot pockets in the corners of the rear bumper. If it has them, it is a gen 2. That one picture, you see them just below the tail lights. That is a gen 2.
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