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1st Annual Southeast Xterra Summer Bash

This is the First Annual Southeast Xterra Summer Bash. Zach Wilkinson and I will be hosting the event at the Uwharrie Off-Road Center primitive camp area. All Nissan makes are invited to attend the festivities. We will setup on Thursday Night for those that want to wheel ALLLLLL day Friday, but the official first day is 6/19/2015, and we will end on Sunday. This is primitive camping, no facilities, but the Outpost is literally 1 minute from our camping so bathroom breaks will be quick and easy.

The folks at Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center have been gracious enough to let us camp there. If you would like to increase your wheeling skillset, I would HIGHLY recommend attending one of their classes. I've ridden their private trail system ($350 minimum for 4 hours, unless you go with a class), and they are TOUGH but a lot of fun (literally road my sliders and frame on several occasions). It is extremely important that you remember that you pack out what you brought. We need to leave this place cleaner than we left it...we will not have access to use the obstacles at the training center grounds; if you're caught on them, you need to find another place to sleep and group to ride with as this is a strict rule from UORTC.

Things to note:
*We will have a stock-friendly group and a built group
*There is a gun range that allows everything up to, but not including, .50 caliber firearms
*We will provide dinner on Saturday night for all paying SEXC members + Significant other and kids under 12
*This is a family-friendly event, so kids are very welcome. There are activities for the family to do other than wheeling (swimming, kayaking, hiking, ziplines, etc)
*We are asking for $5/night to cover the cost of the incidentals
*We are camping across the street from the Outpost
*No facilities, primitive camping
*Pack it in, pack it out applies.

Sn0 (Stephen), NC Rep, Southeast Xterra Club
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