Hiya Gents! It's spring cleaning time and I have a garage full of bits and bobs that might be of use to Xterra peeps.
Going to keep this going until everything sells or June 30. Whichever happens first. After that, its off to the recycler.

*Most everything will be x-posted on the NWXterra Fb pages. NewX forum responses will be first in line.
*Everything is +shipping from 98031
*Tires and wheels are local pickup only

1. Tires and Wheels
* 1 Steel wheel $25 - Original spare (P265/75R16)
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

* 3 - 6 spoke 2012 P4X wheels with tires & TPMS (LT265/75R16 M+S) $75each
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Locking hubs
Automotive tire Tire Finger Nickel Currency

2. Grab bag of bits and bobs: $30
  • Wiring loom for license plate lights
  • License plate plastic bits
  • Wiring loom for towing connector - no 7 pin connector
  • Poison Spider LED lights (purchased for back up lights but didn't actually install
  • Mini LED lights for license plate (in shiny bag - never installed)
  • Net hooks on "C" pillar
  • Rubber dust cover for spare
Tin Beverage can Aluminum can Automotive lighting Camera lens
Audio equipment Automotive tire Gadget Wood Coil spring
Automotive tire Electrical wiring Cable Computer keyboard Gas
Audio equipment Electrical wiring Gas Auto part Machine
Road surface Automotive tire Circle Font Automotive wheel system