Hiya Gents! It's spring cleaning time and I have a garage full of bits and bobs that might be of use to Xterra peeps.
Going to keep this going until everything sells or June 30. Whichever happens first. After that, its off to the recycler.

*Most everything will be x-posted on the NWXterra Fb pages. NewX forum responses will be first in line.
*Everything is +shipping from 98031

1. Spidertrax wheel spacers - $75 for two/$150 for set (Sold)
Bought of a member a couple years ago. (Nissan Spacers) In good shape just dirty and used.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim
Rim Bicycle part Art Auto part Gas

2. Royal Purple oil filters - $10 each
Rectangle Font Material property Bumper Gas

3. Exhaust system gaskets - $30 for set (Sold)
Font Material property Eyelash Automotive tire Circle

4. Wife's key fob - $30
Works fine. She doesn't need it any more and it mostly just rode in her purse.
Bumper Gadget Automotive tire Tints and shades Bicycle part

5. OE First Aid Kit with OE contents (for you purists) - $50 (sold)
Outerwear Glove Sleeve Headgear T-shirt

7. Front and rear P4X carpet floor mats. $50
Mats are in good shape. They've been in the garage for most of the time I've had the X unused.
Plant Textile Grass Terrestrial plant Font

8. Axle bearing and seal. $25
Accidentally purchase a 3rd set when I replaced the axle bearing way back when. Been sitting in the garage, ya know, just in case.
Rectangle Font Electric blue Signage Label
Household hardware Paint Fixture Font Gas