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Intro Comments: After ruining my 2007 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V from being my Daily it was time to find something capable. Picked up this Xterra last September with 16,000 miles on it. Already greatly enjoying this truck and look forward to ruining this as my Daily Driver as well. My first love is my "racecar" but I look forward to spending far too much money on this Xterra as I put together my wishlist to come in future years.

Username: 07BlackSpecV

Make: Nissan
Year: 2008
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4X4
Color: Night Armor


- AFE Drop in Filter
- Amsoil 5w30 XL
- Amsoil EA Oil Filter

- N/A

- ARB Diff Breather Extension

- ARB Front Bumper
- RockyMountainX Front Recovery Points
- White Knuckle Sliders
- Maxterra Rear Tire Carrier Bumper with Jerry Can Holder
- Shrockworks Rear Diff Cover

- Warn Gen II VR10s Winch w/Factor 55 Prolink and Factor 55 Offset Hawse Fairlead
- ARB Essentials Recovery Kit (Snatch Block, Snatch Strap, Tree Saver)
- Additional ARB Snatch Strap with Blue Ridge Overland Gear Strap Bag
- ARB Single Piston Compressor
- ARB Inflation Kit, Tire Inflator, Tire Deflator, Tire Puncture Repair in Blue Ridge Overland Gear Bag
- 48" Hilift Jack
- Kidde Fire Extinguisher
- Maxtrax in Blue Ridge Overland Gear Bag
- Surplus NATO Gas Cans
- Trasharoo

- ARB OME HD Coilovers (F)
- ARB OME Dakar Leafs with HD AAL (R)
- ARB OME Shocks (R)
- Removed Rear Sway Bar
- SPC Camber Bolts
- EZAccessories 6x4.5 to 6x5.5 1.5" Adapters
- 16x7 +39 Bronze Nismo TE37x's
- 285/75/16 Falken Wild Peak AT3w's

- Mudflaps Removed
- Side Steps Removed
- WeatherTech Bug/Stone Deflector
- WeatherTech Window Deflector
- 4' Firestik II CB Radio Antenna w/ Tunable Tip, Firestik SS Mount and Spring
- Totron DC 40" Combo Light Bar
- Gobi Passenger Side Ladder
- Gobi Ranger Rack
- Gobi Awning Mount and ARB 2000 Awning
- ARB Simpson III RTT w/Annex
- Overland Equipped Add on Ladder Steps (x2)
- Airflow Snorkel

- Lanzar 6.5" Screen Headunit with GPS
- Factory Signal Stalk with Fog Light Switch
- OTRATTW 40" Light Bar Switch
- Ram Mounts X Grip for IPhone
- Ram Mounts X Grip for IPad
- Weathertech DigiFit Floor Mats
- SuperBriteLED's 3175 Festoons for Map, Dome, and Cargo Lights
- Wix In Cabin Air Filte
- Cobra 75 CB Radio
- Para Cord Headrest Handles
- Raingler RIXN
- McMaster Carr 175# Replacement Hatch Struts
- Blue Ridge Overland Gear Visor Organizer
- Dephep Window Molle Panel

- Nismo License Plate Frame rear
- JDMEGO "Hella Bored of Stance" License Plate Frame front
- Thule Porta-Haul Kayak Saddles
- Yakima 2 Timer Bike Carrier


When I picked her up:

Before and After:


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Just a few changes:

Weather Tech Deflector

Nismo Intake with Amsoil Filter

Just some weekend work.

Just closed on a new house for the fiancee and I. Hoping I can soon start putting some money back from some Schrock Sliders.

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Mentioned in the last post that we just got our first house. So now we are married and working on fixing up a 100+ year old house that hasn't had an update since the '70's. It does have a massive garage and shop though. So I finally bought some Weathertech Window Visors and Digital Fit mats. Mats aren't here yet but the visors went on.

My windows nearly jam when going up with these in. Is that a common thing? Will that get better with time?

Then it was time to do another oil change, the Spec gave up its spot for a couple hours so Bruce could fit part way in.

Getting some Thule porta haul kayak j hooks really soon and then will be putting in a nice order with raingler. Also would like to get some 'factory' fog lights in much the same way SERooney (sp?) did. Hopefully this spring we can get some more rubber and steel on there.

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Okay got the digi floor liners and in cabin air filter.

Time to start saving for Shrock Sliders, a lift, and wheels/tires. Will try to fit in new rear hatch struts, some raingler goodies, and a gobi ladder as well.

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Well, I've had a little bit of movement on my Xterra.

With such a harsh winter it allowed the Xterra to thrive. Very impressed with how it handled everything I threw at it and only makes me more excited for what it will be able to do when I give it better tools to become more capable.

Started things off with a trip to Northern Michigan in late January for the Sno*Drift, which is the first race in the Rally America Series.

It was extremely cold all weekend and the Xterra did a great job as a mobile base, recovery vehicle, and even a little hooning.

Then I bought some wheels from our FS section. I just need some AT's and adapters and we'll be good to go.

Then I got i on the Totron GB because I've come to realize that sometimes I just really need a little more light.

So goals before winter:
-2" Lift
-Falken Rocky Mountains (unsure of 265's or 285's)
-Wheel adapters to fit the Nismos
-Take off factory mudflaps and fit universal Rally Armor's
-Schrock Sliders

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Got a slight bit more done and getting ready for the near future.

First I really wanted factory fog lights so I got the housings, bulbs, and replacement stalk on ebay.

Since I do it to all the cars I put Nokya 3000's in the fogs. With everything on at the moment.

Then I decided to just get the Raingler Ceiling Net I've wanted since the first day I had my Xterra.

I also took my first step towards a lift. Dave (aka Bliss_X) helped me out with his old Coilovers, Bilsteins, and threw in some shims. Just need the AAL's, Camber Bolts, and Tires.

This coming weekend I get to finally take it offroad. Going with my buddy in his white JK for his Bachelor Party. Figured since we are both novices we will start off on some easy stuff. (also because both our trucks are pretty much stock). So I went ahead and finally took off the mudflaps and step rails.

Nothing big or Earth shattering. Just working my way toward something. Hopefully I can have some fun and learn some things this weekend.

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I'm best man in my buddies wedding and he has a mostly stock JK and I have a stock X so I decided for his party we should go wheeling. We've always talked about going but never have. He had fun with his spacer lift and aftermarket bumper playing around and I had fun learning some lessons in how to handle my vehicle and how to approach obstacles. Really enjoyed Southington Offroad Park and now I REALLY need to get some 33's and my 2 inch lift finished.

We did the Upper Rim, Lower Rim, a lot of the sand dunes, some of the obstacle course, and the Lake Trail twice. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Only got stuck twice so I didn't think that was too bad. Only trail damage was a cracked fog light and I have spares of those so it was a good day! Now that I know what the truck is like stock it's time to get down to business.

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Went to Lake Superior Performance Rally this weekend. It was about an 11 hour drive from my home base in North West Ohio up to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. I go to the UP of Michigan a lot so a 6+ hour drive is no biggy...but getting to where we were going was like crossing another state...and along with it...more adventure.

The sights were nearly as amazing as the Rally itself. Something my group and I were totally unprepared for.

A brief stop to rest along Lake Superior.

Getting to some of the stages took us down roads like this:

But we got to see things like this, just a happy accident from Friday night in the driving rain.

I'm going to consider this my first 'overland' trip because, as a rally will force you to, we relied on the truck for everything and put 2000 miles on it in 4 days!

On the way to one of our Saturday stages:

After all the racing was done we had spotted a large dam just off the road. We HAD to check it out. Amazingly we were able to hike down to the base of it and stand beneath it. The views were amazing.

So farewell to Rally America this year. You have really opened my eyes to what I believe is a purer form of motorsport. In the process you've allowed me to experience some amazing new sights and places even in Northern Michigan which I thought I knew so well...There was so much more to see that I missed. I'll be working on planning an extensive Overland Trip of the UP so I can see as much of it as possible.

Until next year...

...but for, I'm feeling it.

Just a couple additional notes:
Earlier in the summer I was ready to sell my SER project car and trade the Xterra in and go after a Pearl White 2013 Subaru STI. In the last couple of months I've remembered why I bought the Xterra. I wanted a competent and capable vehicle that could handle anything I can throw at it. I cannot wait to get the lift on but I'm waiting until I can afford tires and the extensive amount of traveling I've done this summer has left my bank account hurting. Soon...

I have discovered and lived in a variety of Eddie Bauer TraveX shirts this summer and have never once regretted it. Spending a lot of time in and out of the truck during rain and its ability to dry off quickly have really been worthwhile for me.

Bombing down a seasonal road in the UP in the pitch black after an all day rain can be kind of sketchy at times, feeling the dirt pull you all over the road. I was thankful for the light bar my wife bought me. It really took a lot of the mystery out of the drive.

I look forward to another year and hopefully some more progress. I've learned a lot about how to control my vehicle offroad and how to sit still for 12 hours at a time driving. It's been a great Summer and fall.

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Sounds like fun! A trip up there is on my bucket list. Any chance you could post the route you took?

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Ya I could whip something up. We got to stop and look at about half of what we would have liked to because our priority was the Rally and we weren't prepared for what the Keweenaw actually has to offer. That country in the peak season is just amazing. I'll send something to my navigator for the weekend and see if he has any of the maps left that we used to get to the different stages.

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Well I have everything ready for the lift, wheels, and tires.

TJM coilovers and rear Bilstein shocks thanks to Dave (BlissX)
Nisstech Camber Bolts
new to me OEM LCAs
Falken Wild Peak 285/75/16 Tires
Nismo TE37x Wheels
EZ Accessories 1.5" 6x4.5 to 6x5.5 Adapters

Exited to see everything go together in a couple weeks.

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It was a long weekend but it was worth it. The truck is finally moving forward! The AAL's and Shocks went on the rear Friday night and the front TJM's went in yesterday. Got two of the LCA bolts to come out and then had to cut off the other two. Pushed the CV shafts out to get the LCA's off and then put it all back together. Going to get it into the shop this week for an alignment. Thanks to BlissX for selling me the suspension at a good deal and Short Bus Bully for selling me some used OEM LCA's.

The spacers, wheels, and 285/75/16's went on with just the melt mod up front. No fender trimming was needed. Pretty excited about the outcome and ready to hit the trails. Now I need to save up for some sliders.

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