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Finally getting around to installing my new Pioneer AVIC-D3 and I'm trying to match-up the wiring in my '07 Xterra S with the Scosche NN03B connector I bought. Unfortunately... they're slightly different! Hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction so I don't waste time trying to debug the thing myself.

I'm looking at the larger connector, oriented with the clip on the top and the wires running back into the dash. Here's what I see, from left to right, along with the purpose of the wire according to the Scosche harness:

1) Green wire w/black stripe and a silver dot = 12v, ignition switched
2) Red wire with silver dots = illumination/dimmer
3) White wire with silver dot = Right front +
4) Brown wire with silver dot = Left front +

On the bottom row, from the left
1) Empty; the Scosche connector has Ground here
2) Gray wire with silver dots; Scosche connector has nothing here
3) Yellow wire = 12v continuous
4) Empty; Scosche connector has the powered antenna wire here
5) Red wire with two silver dots = Right front -
6) Blue wire with silver dots = Left front -

I was surprised to see that the factory harness didn't have anything at the location where the Scosche harness expected Ground. And I was also suprised to see a wire at the second pin from the left on the bottom row of the factory harness that didn't connect to anything on the Scosche harness.

Should I worry? Other than ground, it seems like the Scosche and factory harnesses match up in all the places/functions I need...
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