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05+ xterra wheel cross section (with measurements)

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Since i had some free time and 5 X wheels laying around waiting to go to the powder coater, i figured i would make this cross section up as to make finding wheels to fit the new x simpler

these are not the minimum dimensions for clearance, they are just the dimensions of the 2005+ 16" steel wheel, once i mount them i will measure clearance and shade in the cross section accordingly so we know what dimensions a wheel needs to have in order to fit the X.

this should be alot easyer than trying on a million different wheels just to see if they fit.

without further adue...

(not to scale, bottom of picture is the outside of the rim)
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What does that 2 1/4" measurement actually tell you? It looks like a random spot.
No, the important number is the 1 3/4".
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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