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  1. Used Xterra Market Classifieds
    I am getting ready to sell my Xterra but thought I would put it up in the off-road community first before posting it on KSL Classifieds. I have a 2011 Pro4X for sale with 64,800 miles on it. I am the original owner. I have following mods below. I have not taken it off-roading in 6 years since...
    $23,000 USD
  2. Used Xterra Market Classifieds
    2015 X trim Wheels and tires: 16" painted steel with some rock rash wrapped in Falken Wildpeak AT3 33's. CB radio and Firestik antenna. Rigid DRL light pods. eBay CAI. Armor and recovery: Hefty fab front bumper with Smittybilt 9500 winch. Hefty Fab rad skid. P4X skids. White Knuckle rock...
    $15,000 USD
  3. Powertrain & Driveline
    After a long time of reading and learning from the posts in this forum I've finally joined! I've got a 2013 Pro-4X with the M226 and everything works perfectly except the main reason for upgrading to the Pro-4X package... the Diff Lock... Its been a year since I upgraded and I still can't find...
  4. General Xterra
    Ok. So I have a manual xterra just hit 290,000 miles and this week it's had a myriad of weird symptoms. 1 day it runs great all day. Next day it starts up misfiring then will come and go. Today it idles and revs fine till about 3k rpms it gets all choked up and I'm really confused as to the...
  5. General Xterra
    Hello, this is my first time posting in this forum. I searched around for this topic, but was unable to find any info on it, so I thought y’all might be able to help me. I recently swapped the gauge cluster out of a junkyard Pathfinder (unsure of year) into my ‘07 Xterra. Everything works fine...
  6. General Xterra
    Here’s an update!! The new suspension from all dogs off road is in(Front and rear shocks, leaf’s, upper control arms) Mevotech supreme lower control arms, 2 Mevotech front wheel hubs wheels and tires are on from custom offsets, 1.25inch spacers from uswheeladapters are on, bumpers are...
  7. General Xterra
    Hello all, So with the gas prices raging I’ve been doing some tests with my 06 Offroad completely stock and it is averaging 23 litres per 100km (10 mpg)… is this normal?! If this isn’t normal, how can I diagnose/fix this?!
  8. Member's Product Sale
    Xterra and Frontier Skid Plates, made from 3/16" thick aluminum Includes longer than stock M8 bolts (and washers) since some plates overlap Uses existing bolt holes Aluminum skid plates are lighter than steel, like 23lb vs 50lb for fuel tank skid plate. They are easier to install without being...
    $400 USD
  9. Used Xterra Market Classifieds
    33" Wildpeaks. 3.5" Old Man Emu lift with HD front springs. SPC UCAs. Rear is AAL and shackles. Hardcore offroad rear bumper with swing arm. Hefty front bumper (tube) with Smittybilt 9500 lb winch. Full skids. WK rock sliders. Ballistic fab C200 cover. Wired for a subwoofer. CB radio with...
    $17,000 USD
  10. Used Xterra Market Classifieds
    This manual transmission Xterra is in great condition, and has been well maintained for the three years I've owned it. I've kept all detailed maintenance records and updated the CarFax history feature accordingly. Transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, transfer case fluid...
    $26,000 USD
  11. General Xterra
    I'm in the market for a car and found an 05 Xterra with 200k miles. It only has one owner, a clean carfax, and I believe but am not positive that there are maintenance records the owner has which I can request. The ad says 5 speed manual, pretty sure this is a typo and that its a 6MT. Not sure...
  12. General Xterra
    Hello fellow x owners, Hope you’re doing well! My 06 xterra has started making a very odd whining sound. Seems as though the battery is not charging up as it usually does (brand new battery too). I’m curious to know if this is my alternator strap, serpentine belt, or maybe the timing chains…...
  13. General Xterra
    I’m sitting at 207,188 miles on a original engine, tranny, and suspension.. switching out suspension in a month. How many of my fellow X owners are up there in miles? She runs smooth and since I replaced the primary and secondary ignition set up with plugs, she purs like a kitten.
  14. General Xterra
    I’ve been trying to diagnose this flute sound for a while now, maybe someone can give me a pointer.. here’s 2 links to videos of the sound and the rattle is a loose heat shield. IMG_5062.MOV
  15. General Xterra
    Just picked up the Pioneer ND-BC8 for my 2012 Pro4X . Should I tap into the reverse bulb or run it towards the driver side and tap into the reverse wire? Which one is the reverse wire?
  16. Clean slate

    Bone stock, clean slate, daily driver and exploring tool for the family in this incredible area of Northern Utah/Idaho.
  17. Welcome Center
    Hey everyone, happy to be here! Have always had a love for driving, racing and off-road. Now that I’m living in Northern Utah I figured it’d be a good time to add something family friendly, off-road capable, and fun to the driveway! Found a relatively clean and cheap 08 SE in SLC and decided to...
1-20 of 53 Results