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  1. Streets Build

    Member's Xterra
    Username: streetstyle55 IG: Ty_Insight Make: Nissan Year: 2006 Model: Xterra Trim: SE Color: Silver Mileage: 167,436 2/28/2020 Purchase date Oct 27/2018 Still adding to this original post =) Exterior/Armor: P&P Engineering Rear Bumper/Swing arm carrier P&P Engineering Rad Skid plate P&P...
  2. Xterra Project - In need of Guidance

    General Xterra
    I'm starting my X project soon and I need some help. This entire thing will be full of dumb questions but I'm 16 and was never really taught about cars. I've worked on quad engines since I was little so i do have some idea of how things work. Currently I'm not looking to do any engine mods, just...
  3. Body Lift vs Suspension Lift?

    Suspension & Steering
    I have a 2wd Xterra sadly but for that reason i dont want a performance lift, i just want a lift that will look good and not end up breaking. Im looking for a simple 2 inch lift that will look good and get me from A to B. I wont be doing intense trails or anything since it is just a 2wd. I am...