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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    I'm having a really odd issue where once started the vehicle will shift into all gears and pull whether it's in drive or reverse. The problem is after it's been running for 20-30 seconds it loses all pull whatsoever. I'm not very knowledgeable on mechanics and even less so with transmissions...
  2. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hey gang, I bypassed the rad on my '08 after using this forum to confirm it was a SMOD bomb waiting to happen. I bought a new koyo rad, and my local shop offered to install it for cheap while I was having some other work done so I took them up on the offer. However they bypassed the new rad...
  3. Powertrain & Driveline
    This for sure asked many times and mine still hesitating at 1st gear when you gas it from a full stop or turning. I have a 2011 4x4 with only 68k miles. Popular solution is to fill more ATF due to low fluid level. I felt the improvement when I did that but I am already on top of the crosshatch...
  4. General Xterra
    2wd 2004 Nissan Xterra starts no problem, moves in reverse no problem. When in drive it moves a few feet then stops. ???
  5. Xterra Projects
    So i bought an X back in October, my friends told me not to but I'm a hard head for the X. the guy i bought it from said he retuned the tranny, which i now believe because it responds like a race tranny, and because of this, the TCM doesn't communicate with the CAN-- U0100 code i need to do a...
  6. Powertrain & Driveline
    All, new to forum and Xterra. I am going to look at a 2006. Is there a way to tell if the trans issues have been resolved? Anything to look for that would be a sure tell sign that repairs have been done? Thanks for any help.
  7. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hi everyone! I have a 01 Nissan Xterra SE, and now I’m ready to get my second Xterra which is a 2005 Xterra SE. (120,000 miles) Before buying it, I know there are 2 ways to prevent SMOD, change aftermarket radiator, or bypass the hoses. My question are: Should I only change radiator? Or I will...
1-7 of 7 Results