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  1. Nissan Related Vehicle News
    I've had my eye on what looks like a 08 ish Titan thats always parked on the street near my house. I think its someone that lives nearby in a townhouse and has to park it on the street. anyways, it sits there for long periods unmoved, I've been considering putting a note on it offering to...
  2. For Sale
    The following Items are for sale: - Xterra 6MT transmission with clutch, flywheel, MC etc. $1000 -R180 Front diff geared @ 3.69 with axles $400 -m226 Rear diff geared at 3.69 with e locker $600 -Transfer Case $400 -Armada LE stock wheels $350 Everything located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...
  3. Powertrain & Driveline
    All, Just about finished my daughters 06 X and plan to start working on my 05 OR. Came across this and wanted to know from the experts if this is a fair price for these parts from a 2017 Titan? thanks for the advice. JD
1-3 of 3 Results