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  1. Electronics
    Hello fellow Xers! I installed a 2015 S-model's OEM stereo unit into my 2014 S-model Xterra. Since they have the same number of pins, all I thought I needed was the steering wheel control bypass harness. After everything was installed, the only thing that doesn't work is my mic. I can hear other...
  2. How-to's
    Finding yourselves with a lot of extra time on your hands, and unable to do what you would normally do because of current social distancing measures? Here is a useful, relatively low-cost (~$150-200) mod that will greatly improve audio quality, decrease noise, and increase overall interior...
  3. For Sale
    SOLD Stock OEM Xterra 2015 receiver, (AM-FM--SiriusXM-stereo-CD), (single disc, 2-DIN size), w/o Rockford Fosgate; w/4.3 color display. w/ integrated Bluetooth. Head unit includes mounting brackets & screws only. Upper-right button has a sticker covering where the paint was rubbed off. $75 OBO...
  4. Electronics
    Hello! Would putting a 2015 S-Model stereo unit work in a 2014 S-Model? Mine does have the bluetooth in the xterra already, but just for phone calls. I want someting that can sync my music as well as making calls. I read the 2015 s-model's stereo had that function. Thanks
  5. Electronics
    Hey y'all! I recently purchased a 2010 xterra and I'm looking to upgrade the stock stereo and speakers. I'm just curious what size and wattage speakers would be best for the vehicle. I'm currently looking at a package that includes four 50 watt 6.5"speakers. Having trouble locating any info...
  6. General Xterra
    Hi everyone, first time poster, long time lurker. I have a 2008 Off Road edition with the Rockford Fostgate stereo. I got the spiral cable replaced at the dealership about 6 months ago due to the airbag light being on. Recently, the hands free phone button seems to be stuck as it continuously...
  7. General Xterra
    I replaced my stock Rockford Fosgate stereo in my 2011 Pro4X with an after market Satellite Stereo/Nav unit. AM/FM/SiriusXM, 5 CD. Works with cell phone. Excellent condition. If anyone would like to purchase it, make me an offer. It is just sitting in a box with a bunch of other parts that I...
1-7 of 8 Results