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  1. Suspension & Steering
    I haven't driven the X for a while, probably like 9 months. Started it a few times just to keep everything fluid. When I did take it for a drive the other day the steering was not easy like it used to be. It's almost like driving an old Buick without power steering. It did seem to get back...
  2. Brakes, Tires and Wheels
    As per title I put new tires BFG KO2 265/70/R16 they are load rated E for my 2005 Xterra SE Automatic and at time got new wheels which I put on Pro Comp Kore 89 Series Matte Black and new shocks on all 4 also. Few months after having them I noticed when Braking that the Steering wheel will shake...
  3. Suspension & Steering
    So my steering rack is leaking where the steering shaft connects via the pinch bolt. I ordered a new Cardone replacement. Does anyone know about the cardone racks? How are they? I've seen a couple of good reviews. Is it worth installing i
  4. Suspension & Steering
    Check the photo, after I reconnected my steering shaft to install new UCAs, I noticed a small spot under my X of power steering fluid and this looks like it’s the location of the leak.. any ideas?
  5. Suspension & Steering
    I did replace the two lower suspension arms of my X Pro-4x 2011. When the car came back from the garage, the steering was stiffer than usual. No sounds, no alignment problem (because they did align it), but the steering was not pleasurable as usual. Any thoughts on that? What could it be...
  6. Powertrain & Driveline
    I've got a '14 Xterra S 4WD and there is a sound that I can only describe as a hollow "bong/dong/gong." Like someone striking a metal can. It rings once as I turn the wheel from straight to left or right about 1/4 to 1/3 turn. It will ring again after coming back to straight then turning past...
1-6 of 6 Results