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  1. Exterior
    Once again looking at all the different off road stuff I couldn't find brackets to fit our rack tubes. I seen they used to have them but alas none are to be found. And me being cheap, didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for custom racks or cut into the stock bars. I found these brackets...
  2. For Sale Roof Rack Parts

    For Sale
    Nissan Xterra roof rack parts - complete set - as is. Came off a 2015 Pro4X. Available custom built mounting hardware for Yakima Load Warrior and ARB awning. Overall good condition. Both lights work. Cargo basket still operates properly. Had to 'melt out' many of the bolt holes to remove rack...
    $1,234 CAD
  3. For Sale
    This is a DepHep brand drop in roof rack for a second gen Nissan Xterra. It has the expanded metal floor option and was professionally bedlined a few years ago, and is holding up well. This rack is extremely sturdy, easy to install, and adds much needed cargo capacity and tie down options for...
  4. For Sale
    Complete roof rack, Offroad lights in wind deflector, cargo box, great rubber. $550, Central Colorado, can quote shipping, DM me for more pics
  5. General Xterra
    Was just wondering if anyone’s installed the Waterport Weekender onto their Xterra with the standard roof rack and if so, could you post pictures of it installed? I know that Waterport sells crossbar linkages for vehicles that don’t have a full roof rack, so I’m just wondering how it looks...
  6. Exterior
    So I’ve concluded after owing 3 second Gen Xterras that the paint on these trucks is absolute crap. I’ve had a 2006 cloud white X, a 2005 super black S(wrapped matte green shortly after purchase), and now a 2009 navy blue S. As a whole I’m generally just not impressed with the paint quality on...
  7. For Sale
    What's up guys! -I have a Heps Designs Roof Rack for sale. It is in great condition. -New it goes for around $500 stock. It has the extension on the back of it. That costs $150 more. -I am selling it for $400 but willing to negotiate. All hardware included. -It is coated. -If interested or have...
1-7 of 7 Results