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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    Im planning on a little maintenance in the next week or two including engine oil & filter, both diffs and the t -case. Ill throw in a new air filter too and clean up some rust thats starting at the rear wheel well door trim area. its not very large yet but looks like its growing fast. oh yeah...
  2. Member's Xterra
    I have been thinking about ways to organize stuff while out camping for the past year or so. I want to keep it light, removable and just simple. Needs to hold a few plastic storage bins, cooking stuff, stove and gas. My intent here was really to put into form what i have in my head. to keep...
  3. For Sale
    Selling a rear cargo drawer/storage system for 05-15 Xterra. 3/4in birch and 1/2 birch poly-coated plywood. Drop in snug fit. Maintains a flat surface area in back. Drawers dimensions are 23in long and 11in in depth. The 2-drawer system fills the width of the rear cargo space Located in...
  4. For Sale
    Rear liftgate (silver) from of a 2011 Pro-4X. $100 OBO Local pick up only (San Fernando, CA) Recently bought the vehicle with the liftgate already dented. Damage is only cosmetic. Liftgate still aligns perfect to vehicle and opens/closes as it should. Got lucky looking around salvage yards and...
  5. For Sale
    Rear bumper has some rust forming. No top plastic piece. Over all in good condition. Can meet in Colorado Springs to Castle Rock.
1-5 of 5 Results