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  1. Pro-4X RockFord Fosgate - Electrical Question ?

    I placed this post in another forum but haven't received a single comment so I want to post this issue in the Electrical forum as my issue maybe related to power and includes electrical diagrams. Situation outlined below. 2015 Pro-4X Rockford Fosgate System Upgraded Radio to Atoto Pro 6 Used...
  2. 2015 Pro-4X Rockford Fosgate System - Technical Question

    I have searched every post and thread I can find for weeks and I'm hoping someone can help. I put the info in bullet points to skip the lengthy narration. 2015 Pro-4X Rockford Fosgate System Upgraded Radio to Atoto Pro 6 Used Metra 70-7552 and the RCA cables from Metra 70-553 Removed speaker...
  3. Considering a 2011 Pro 4X, But not Convinced it's the Real Deal - HELP!

    General Xterra
    I have been looking for a red Xterra for about a year and found a 2011 red Pro 4x and drove it yesterday. However, after more research, it doesn't seem to be living up to what a Pro4x is supposed to have. Does not have the fog lights on the roof, nor does it have a skid plate underneath. It does...
  4. SOLD: Pro-4X Rims and Tires - (Loc: Salt Lake City, UT)

    For Sale
    Selling (4) Pro-4X wheels and tires. The tires are Cooper Discoverer RTX 265/65R16, still have some good tread on them. Includes tire air pressure sensors. These have come off my 2015 Xterra Pro-4x, I just upgraded my wheel and tires, hope these can find a new home. I hate to let them collect...
  5. Which Xterra would You Buy out of These Two?

    General Xterra
    Edited Post: Xterra's out here in CO sell very (VERY) quickly. I'm test driving two tonight, in hopes of grabbing one up by this time tomorrow, however I'm somewhat stuck and would like you guy's opinion. Xterra 1: 2011 Xterra Pro-4X Auto 133k mi Black, 2.5" Lift + other mods 2 owners, Cali +...