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please help

  1. Rear Axle Bearing Installation Problem

    Powertrain & Driveline
    Earlier today I swapped out the rear axle bearing and seal by following the fantastic write-up by Longboarder (How-to: M226 Axle Seal Replacement). Everything went pretty well, I even used his "pipe press" method without any issues. The one thing that didn't go quite right was the outer race on...
  2. Critters!!

    General Xterra
    Hi, I found and got rid of a nest under the cowl. I have taken the first part of the dash off, but not the part beyond the airbag and where the defroster vent is located. I haven't found a YouTube video on how to do it, so i can feel more confident about it. Also, I haven't taken the hvac...
  3. What Axle do I Have? Help!

    I was going to buy a coupe rear speed sensors and I was reading on this forum about different axels on the Terra’s . 2007 OR. Is this along with the picture enough for anyone to confirm what axel I have? If not how can I get confirmation?
  4. Can I remove Leaf Springs without Removing the Rear Shock Lower Bolt?

    Suspension & Steering
    Hey everyone, I have been using this site for help for a while now but, now I feel like I have to ask a stupid question. I have been working with Greg at PRG to set up my 2011 S with a better lift. I am replacing the UCA’s , coil over’s with a 1.5in spacer, and putting on ARB OME’s in the rear...