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  1. Trim painting 2009 Gen 2

    Repainting all the exterior trim
  2. Silver Coming Undone

    General Xterra
    I have an issue with the clear coat on my '10 silver X. I have been told that Nissan is kinda known for their crappy paint jobs. So, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had issues with it also. The clear coat just flakes right off. After it rains there are little pockets of water...
  3. Bumper (Grille) Painting Help

    I have a grey X and Ive been wanting to paint my front grille and lower part (the plastics on the front that are grey.) black ever since i got my X. Heres the catch. Im 16 and my dad doesnt work on cars. He is not a big fan of either one of us painting it. He wants a professional to do it but...