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  1. Exterior
    I’ve never used the spray on bed liner (or anyo other kind) - want to black out my factory side steps - don’t need sliders (at least yet) Anyone ever spray their factory steps? Any issues? Is it as simple as taking them off - spraying &bolting back on? Do I NEED to take them off todo it - or...
  2. Trim painting 2009 Gen 2

    Repainting all the exterior trim
  3. General Xterra
    I have an issue with the clear coat on my '10 silver X. I have been told that Nissan is kinda known for their crappy paint jobs. So, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had issues with it also. The clear coat just flakes right off. After it rains there are little pockets of water...
  4. Exterior
    I have a grey X and Ive been wanting to paint my front grille and lower part (the plastics on the front that are grey.) black ever since i got my X. Heres the catch. Im 16 and my dad doesnt work on cars. He is not a big fan of either one of us painting it. He wants a professional to do it but...
1-4 of 4 Results