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  1. Welcome Center
    Hi everyone, I'll slowly learn the culture of this forum, so bear with me for now 😁 I'll upload photos eventually, but I'm driving a 2010 X in Silver, 155k miles. No 4WD, no diff lock, no power-mirrors, no fog lights An absolute dead-stock unit, I've got it looking brand new It was sideswiped...
  2. Welcome Center
    Hello All I joined the group a year ago, the same time I bought my 2015 Xterrra. But never posted anything but all the time was browsing threads about mods and offroad :). Good to connect with all 👍 Here is my baby.
  3. Welcome Center
    Hi, just call me Joda, everyone at work does. Joe+Yoda if you haven’t guessed. I’m on my 3rd Xterra. 1st one was a 2007 night armor X 4X4 I had for 5 years and sold it to a coworker. The 2nd one was my dream lava red 2012 Pro-4X manual transmission that was recently destroyed when a sleepy...
  4. Suspension & Steering
    Hi and greetings from the middle east (Oman). I am a long term viewer but never posted as my xterra was still under warranty (2014MY and purchased in 2015). Its all stock except for my recently installed 33 inch tires that I am running with melt mod +2 inch spacer lift in front (with camber...
1-4 of 4 Results