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  1. Welcome Center
    Recently moved to Phoenix. Interested in getting into some soft-roading / off-roading. I hope the wealth of knowledge and experience here can offer some guidance on my next steps. I have off roading motorcycle experience but never owned a 4x4 vehicle. I'm getting older and would like to find...
  2. Welcome Center
    Hey everyone, happy to be here! Have always had a love for driving, racing and off-road. Now that I’m living in Northern Utah I figured it’d be a good time to add something family friendly, off-road capable, and fun to the driveway! Found a relatively clean and cheap 08 SE in SLC and decided to...
  3. Welcome Center
    Hey y’all, I am new from SLC, UT. I posted another in the mountain region group, so I will keep this short. Own a 2011 xterra S, looking to do quite a few improvements, cosmetic as well as structurally. Hope to learn even more about this awesome car! Thanks MJ
  4. For Sale
    Need to sell my all my off-road hardware. New in box and never installed. Can ship or you can pick it all up in Dallas (Prefered) PM for details! Also have a Nisstech lift kit for sale new in box. Front Bumper $1500 Rear Bumper w/ Spare Tire mount/jack mount $800 SOLD Slider $400 all powder...
1-4 of 4 Results