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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hey everyone- First time posting, long time following the site. So, I have a plain 2007 4x4 Xterra and I’ve always thought that one day when I got a little more serious about hitting the trails I’d install a Lokka in the front differential. About a month ago I went to and thought I...
  2. The Swap Shop
    I am in desperate need of one since my spiders gears blew while Wheeling. I can't seem to get a hold of Lokka themselves and cannot find anyone else that produces a Lunchbox locker for the r180. I would be willing to buy an r180 diff with the Lokka already installed (if its in working order and...
  3. Wanted Items
    I ordered one from lokka but there is no shipping from Australia right now. If anyone has a used or new one in the US they could send me that would be awesome.
  4. Powertrain & Driveline
    I ordered a Lokka brand front diff locker over a month ago. Still not received and they don't answer my emails. Anyone else have experience with these guys?
1-4 of 4 Results