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  1. Electrical
    Had these NiLight 18W recessed LEDs in the garage in a box for ~6 months. Finally decided to install. Hardest part was using the angle grinder to make the rectangular holes in the bumper. Low Amps = tied them right into the reverse wiring on each side. Decided to go YouTube again for my 3...
  2. Electrical
    During my research for a direct replacement to improve my factory fogs I came across these:
  3. Electrical
    My tail lights are out and the fuse isn't blown. Bulbs don't look burnt out. Signals, break lights, dash lights, and reverse lights all work. The only other light that isn't working is my gear shift indicator light. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. For Sale
    The front and back are up for grabs. I am also selling 4 KC 4213s. Just the pods, no harness. I also have the yellow covers. I'm in Los Angeles, Cali. Will sell individually. $400 for front and back OBO. $150 for the KC OBO. Pickup preferred but will ship. Don't waste your stimulus on...
  5. General Xterra
    My trim didn't come with any foglights, so I have no idea how well the stockers work. I've been looking at the diode dynamics round pods. They come in 4 flavors: OEM hallogen lights are awful so I wanna put as much light out there as possible and maybe reuse the "fog lights" as day time...
  6. Wanted Items
    Looking for any brand light cage for roof. Don’t really need the lights, just the cage. In Wisconsin, but can pay for shipping Thank you!
  7. Electrical
    Hello this might be a stupid question but Im new to electrical/wiring and hoping someone can give me an answer/advice I have all of the existing wiring running from the battery to the cargo area in the X from where there used to be an amp and speakers/subs Am I able to use this existing wiring...
  8. General Xterra
    So I am planning on putting an led light bar on the x, and I was wondering if there was a plug or somewhere to run wires through without drilling a hole in the roof of hiding the wiring behind the weather stripping on the windshield. I know the Offroad/Pro4Xs had the factory mounted roof lights...
  9. Exterior
    Is there any options for a cheaper light bar mount? Ive only found one for 70 and I feel like that is a little much for just a bracket? Just thought id see if anyone had anything better.
1-9 of 9 Results