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  1. Electrical
    I'm trying to add a 20 inch light bar into the grill mouth, which requires removing the stock license plate mount. I'm in CA and need a front license plate, so it there another way I can mount it? Maybe on a new mount, lower than the stock position?
  2. Electrical
    I searched but didn’t find what I was looking for. It’s probably there somewhere. I’m thinking of swapping the factory roof lights for a light bar. Wanting to use the factory wiring for the light bar. Where is the fuse located? What amp? Any issues I might run into? I know there is some...
  3. Wanted Items
    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase the off road gorilla light bar mounts, paying $120 plus shipping. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks! EDIT: Multiple people with brand new accounts have been trying to scam me. Unfortunately I did fall for the first guy and I'm out of $95. Decided...
  4. For Sale
    The front and back are up for grabs. I am also selling 4 KC 4213s. Just the pods, no harness. I also have the yellow covers. I'm in Los Angeles, Cali. Will sell individually. $400 for front and back OBO. $150 for the KC OBO. Pickup preferred but will ship. Don't waste your stimulus on...
  5. For Sale
    GGLIGHTING race series lightbar, this is a "20 spot/flood combo lightbar less than 1hr of run time on it. Comes with full harness ASKING $200 OBO Custom made front recovery points for xterra/frontier with aftermarket front bumper ASKING $60 Located in Hemet ca 92544 Shipping is on buyer...
  6. Electrical
    I am wanting to wire an upper & lower light bar, rear bumper lights, and front & back ditch lights. All controlled via 5 pin rocker switches. I’ve included somewhat of a diagram but unsure of how to wire everything.
  7. Electrical
    Hello! I am new to this forum, and I have tried searching the forums and reddit and even google to try and find a how to guide to install a light bar in your bumper with not much luck. I want to install my 22" light bar in the bumper gap, with the bracket going up into the grill, but I can't...
  8. General Xterra
    So I am planning on putting an led light bar on the x, and I was wondering if there was a plug or somewhere to run wires through without drilling a hole in the roof of hiding the wiring behind the weather stripping on the windshield. I know the Offroad/Pro4Xs had the factory mounted roof lights...
  9. General Xterra
    I'm starting my X project soon and I need some help. This entire thing will be full of dumb questions but I'm 16 and was never really taught about cars. I've worked on quad engines since I was little so i do have some idea of how things work. Currently I'm not looking to do any engine mods, just...
  10. Exterior
    Is there any options for a cheaper light bar mount? Ive only found one for 70 and I feel like that is a little much for just a bracket? Just thought id see if anyone had anything better.
  11. Electrical
    I've been a member for a while and never posted anything, let this be my first try. This is NOT a comprehensive how-to write up. There are plenty of other light bar/electrical installation tutorials on this forum and elsewhere on the Internet. I just want to show you what I did. I liked the...
1-11 of 11 Results