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  1. General Xterra
    Decided to make my own all clear headlights for the xterra since there aren't any good looking aftermarket headlights, honestly love the look of them with LED headlights, LED white turn signals and LED purple side marker lights I have also done all black housing headlights for a friend's...
  2. Interior
    Hey guys! I thought I'd share my experience with interior LED lights, as I looked through the forums for quite awhile to see what was the brightest and error free LED lights. (I really didn't want to install a resistor) I am from Canada and usually parts listed on here (American websites) end up...
  3. Electrical
    Allow me to apologize up front is this has already been discussed and solved but I did a little brief hunting for this problem and haven't seen anyone with quite the same problem... so... allow me to explain. It all started with LEDs... yes, yes, yes... I know... I made a NEWB mistake. And to...
1-3 of 3 Results