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  1. Electrical
    I recently installed these LED bulbs Kairiyard H11 H8 H9 LED Fog Lights Bulb 3000K Yellow Amber +6000K White Dual Color 55W 3600 Lumens Extremely Bright Waterproof LED Fog Light DRL Bulbs Replacement in my 2012 Xterra 4WD S. I could barely see any light out of the old OEM bulbs and was attracted...
  2. General Xterra
    I took my xterra to the shop they said I have to take it to a dealer for them to fix or replace ipdm tail relay. Does anyone know anything about cost of the dealer having to replace the ipdm as the shop said it's a permanent relay. Is there any cheaper diy options available, I'm an industrial...
  3. Electrical
    Hey all, I've got a dead X that I cannot revive at all and I've spent 2 weeks trying to diagnose and replace everything that has been suggested. I just bought it in August and its been running just fine between then and now. We recently just did our first oil change. Came out a few weeks ago and...
1-3 of 3 Results