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  1. Interior
    Hey Crew, I'm a new owner and looking for a way to get some power from my X to an electric kettle (camping) and a laptop (work from the middle of nowhere). Electric work has always confused me so I wanted to run my potential setup by y'all. I am looking at getting a 300W Power Inverter Dual...
  2. Interior
    Hey Y'all! Just got a 2015 pro4x a few weeks ago and looking for cheap DIY solution to store my bike in the back. I have read through many of the old posts, but cannot seem to find the one that I remember seeing before buying my truck. I am hoping to have something small that can be easily...
  3. For Sale
    I have the following for sale which fits 2005 Xterra S charcoal interior and other years models. Will not separate, purchaser must buy both genuine Nissan parts. Both parts purchased new, still in factory bags never installed. 87370-EA341 Trim Assembly Front (drivers seat bottom cover)...
  4. Interior
    The 2010 Xterra I recently bought came with a Garmin mounted in a compartment on the center of the dash. I removed it and the lid. I’m looking for ideas how to use the space. Appreciate anything you have to offer!
  5. Interior
    Just did a trip to Canyonlands and drove about 100 miles on dirt and 4x4 roads. The interior was so laden with the red desert dirt that I had to take a hose to the inside of my doors! It was thick. Had to vacuum every inch of the vehicle and then use a wet towel to wipe everything down. Any...
  6. General Xterra
    Hi y’all! I’m searching for used Carhartt/or nicer seat covers on offer up and FB marketplace that fit 2011 Xterra PRO 4X. Considering Nissan doesn’t make Xterra’s anymore I’ve noticed the nicer seat covers are more expensive and I was just seeing if anyone has bought covers for another car and...
1-6 of 6 Results