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  1. Electrical
    Hello everyone the interior light in the hatch area of my X has not been working. The two other interior light work fine but this one doesn’t for some reason. I took a voltage meter to it and found there was no power running to it. I checked the “room lamp” fuse in the fuse box and its fine...
  2. General Xterra
    I have a 2nd gen and I’m wanting to change the gauge lights to red, I’ve looked for a how to on here but can’t really find one. Does anyone know hot to do it? What lights to buy?
  3. Interior
    Hey guys! I thought I'd share my experience with interior LED lights, as I looked through the forums for quite awhile to see what was the brightest and error free LED lights. (I really didn't want to install a resistor) I am from Canada and usually parts listed on here (American websites) end up...
1-3 of 3 Results