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  1. How-to's
    I spent about 3 days retrofitting Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0 projectors and 35 Watt 6000K HID bulbs in our 2008 Xterra. Wife decided that she wants to keep this one forever so I wanted to finally be able to see at night with it... Pictures show the story of what I did. I consider this...
  2. Product Reviews
    Hi everyone I wanted to share my experience and give you a small review of a pair of headlights that I purchased ($732) from On their website, it says ”HIDprojectors is committed to providing high-quality parts and sound technical support. We strive to bring you the best...
  3. Exterior
    I'll admit, I'm new here. I just picked up my '13 Xterra yesterday, but I'm already loading up various carts full of mods, exterior interior, performance, everything. One thing I'm finding absolutely nothing on is anything to put on the headlights to give them that "angry" look. I'm a sucker...
  4. General Xterra
    So, Im researching different headlight assemblies, and found these black bezeled tinted ones that look IDENTICAL to the ones I have in my 2011 Pro-4X...however in the description it says this... Correct for S or X Models only Not correct for SE, SV, Offroad, or Pro-4X Models How is this...
  5. Electronics
    I have been looking for headlights that would fit my 2001 Nissan Xterra but can’t really seem to find anything, yet I see other similar trucks with different headlights. Can anybody help me out? Any tips or tricks to make others fit please let me know!
1-5 of 5 Results