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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    Whats up everyone, A little while back the ole X decided to quit one day in the parking garage and was in a crank no start condition. After a new battery and some brake-kleen it fired so I tracked the issue down to the fuel pump. A few weeks later I got a new fuel pump in and she was back in...
  2. General Xterra
    U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds I am always impressed with the direct and indirect subsidies that the US agricultural sector receives.
  3. Electrical
    So this started a week ago, my 2005 X-terra 2WD was running just fine, and my wife's X-terra developed a cylinder 5 misfire. So I took a coil pack from my X-terra and put into hers for diagnostic reasons, after fixing hers with new spark plugs, I put the coil pack back onto my car. then she...
1-3 of 3 Results