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  1. General Xterra
    Ok, I just removed my crank/no start post because I got it started. Unfortunately, there seem to be other issues. My neighbor has a code reader, so I'm about to see what I've got there. May report back if there isn't anything obvious. Sorry to take up space.
  2. General Xterra
    Hi Guys. Recently acquired a 2007 Xterra, probably the off-road trim. The person I bought it from had the vehicle sitting for three months in wet New England conditions. They are not car people and did not diagnose a failed brake line and a torn caliper seal leaking pressure. Remaining problem...
  3. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hi, wanted to post my strange issue that took me awhile to figure out so that anyone that has a similar issue may be able to jump start their troubleshooting process! TL;DR It was a poor quality fuel pump. This issue showed up when I bought this xterra used about a year ago. The car would...
  4. General Xterra
    My teenage daughter has a 2015 Xterra. It’s her first car and she’s very proud of it. It’s in really good condition. a couple of months after she bought it the fuel pump died on it. I would’ve replaced the pump myself but my ex-wife (her mom) towed it to her mechanic. Ended up costing $1200 to...
  5. Electrical
    A month ago my check engine light came on and it coded P0345. I replaced the sensor with a Duralast from Autozone. It was ok for about a month and then it started dying out of nowhere. I got an oil change at the dealership and they told me that after market parts don't like to work on...
  6. Electrical
    TLDR: Car wont start in cold or medium weather, battery is good, heat gun on ECM didn't help, only starts with a jump pack even after being driven for 2 hours+ and alternator charging battery. -Gets a spark -Has fuel pressure -Requires a jump pack to start (even @50 degree weather) -no...
1-6 of 6 Results