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  1. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hello, I am afraid I might have caused damage to my front differential / driveline. I was doing a brake job on my 2010 Xterra SE. Using the stock jack I had to jack up one side at a time. Vehicle was turned off in park and 4X4 was Not engaged. My Question / concern is this. - Would spinning only...
  2. General Xterra
    Good morning everyone, Yesterday I google searched re-gearing Xterra threads and found some dated back from 2015 & 2017 in this forum. My neighbor told me it will come cheaper if I regear my C200 rear diff on Xterra 2012 SV rather than swapping a M226 rear diff and install AirLock as well...
  3. For Sale
    Has sat in my garage for a year, went a different route. Local pickup only, shipping would be too expensive to make sense.
    $400 USD
  4. Powertrain & Driveline
    Hey all, so I dropped my front diff fluid after seeing a bit of a sweat that the shop said would only get worse if replaced with an aftermarket input seal. The fluid was gross and there were many metal chunks (up to 3x5mm). Needless to say, I am worried what I will find when the cover is...
  5. Wanted Items
    I ordered one from lokka but there is no shipping from Australia right now. If anyone has a used or new one in the US they could send me that would be awesome.
  6. Wanted Items
    I need to replace my front differential. Can’t justify buying a $2,100 part for a high mileage car that may not survive the winter. Used is preferred because of this. I don’t really know the details as a mechanic will be doing the work. I’m not that knowledgeable on the topic so I apologize for...
1-6 of 6 Results