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  1. Free Items
    I have 1 new and 2 lightly used differential drain/fill plugs, 6 oil and ATF drain plug crush washers (ATF pan and oil pan drain plugs use the same crush washer), 1 new rear differential crush washer, 2 quarts Nissan Matic-S (unopened), 1 pint Nissan PSF (unopened), 1 Haynes repair manual (with...
  2. Free Items
    Hey y’all, I just upgraded to Weathertech Mats and a stubby antenna so I’ve got the stock antenna and Pro-4x front carpeted mats and plain rear seat carpeted mat available for whoever wants them! I just had the mats detailed along with my X so they’re about as clean as possible for being used...
1-2 of 2 Results