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  1. Interior
    Hey Crew, I'm a new owner and looking for a way to get some power from my X to an electric kettle (camping) and a laptop (work from the middle of nowhere). Electric work has always confused me so I wanted to run my potential setup by y'all. I am looking at getting a 300W Power Inverter Dual...
  2. Electrical
    My Emergency Brake light is kind of on and has been for a good while. It comes on fully when I set the e-brake but the rest of the time it is slightly illuminated. Brake Fluid is topped up, I just did brake all around, replacing both rear calipers (one was ceased, was hoping maybe that was the...
  3. Electrical
    I am wanting to wire an upper & lower light bar, rear bumper lights, and front & back ditch lights. All controlled via 5 pin rocker switches. I’ve included somewhat of a diagram but unsure of how to wire everything.
  4. Electrical
    TLDR: Car wont start in cold or medium weather, battery is good, heat gun on ECM didn't help, only starts with a jump pack even after being driven for 2 hours+ and alternator charging battery. -Gets a spark -Has fuel pressure -Requires a jump pack to start (even @50 degree weather) -no...
  5. Electrical
    Hello this might be a stupid question but Im new to electrical/wiring and hoping someone can give me an answer/advice I have all of the existing wiring running from the battery to the cargo area in the X from where there used to be an amp and speakers/subs Am I able to use this existing wiring...
  6. Electrical
    Just purchased 2007 Xterra S 4L with the factory trailer light harness, and the parking lights will not turn OFF (key removed, door locked/unlocked). NOT the brake lights. Rear tail lights left and right, front yellow corner lights left and right, and yellow turn signal running light (low beam)...
1-6 of 6 Results