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  1. Xterra Projects
    So i bought an X back in October, my friends told me not to but I'm a hard head for the X. the guy i bought it from said he retuned the tranny, which i now believe because it responds like a race tranny, and because of this, the TCM doesn't communicate with the CAN-- U0100 code i need to do a...
  2. How-to's
    Needed to trim a tad to fit 33s on 1.25 inch spacers. Made a quick video that is straight to the point for anyone who would like to do it. Here’s the link to my IG Login • Instagram
  3. Electronics
    Well I have been sick of having a massive sub box sitting in the trunk of my car for forever now. I love the JL audio stealth box but it is way too expensive considering I already have 2 JL 12W3V3-2 in a JL sub box in the back already. I’m thinking of going completely fiberglass for the sub box...
  4. Gear & Equipment
    One of the Youtubers i follow recently publichsed this video on a diy fire pit he made and while the video isnt the best tutorial, I like the idea and feel like i can copy or even improve the design. living in colorado during the warmer months there is pretty much always fire bans in...
  5. Interior
    Hey Y'all! Just got a 2015 pro4x a few weeks ago and looking for cheap DIY solution to store my bike in the back. I have read through many of the old posts, but cannot seem to find the one that I remember seeing before buying my truck. I am hoping to have something small that can be easily...
  6. Interior
    I have seen people build drawer systems for the X and I love the usability of the space it provides however it causes two major issues, one it makes it impossible to have a flat cargo space (causes a bit of a problem when I need to pick up material for my work) and two it blocks access to your...
  7. General Xterra
    Will a frontier snorkel fit a X? Want to get a snorkel but don't want to get $400 if I can get one for $200 Will it fit?
1-7 of 8 Results