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  1. Electronics
    Well I have been sick of having a massive sub box sitting in the trunk of my car for forever now. I love the JL audio stealth box but it is way too expensive considering I already have 2 JL 12W3V3-2 in a JL sub box in the back already. I’m thinking of going completely fiberglass for the sub box...
  2. Interior
    looking to try and upgrade the X to fit more of a modern, newer looking interior. I am thinking of getting a new radio, one of the big screens, possibly try to get “leather” seat covers, but mainly wanna some of the old tech out. Has anyone ever tried to somehow replace the heating system to be...
  3. Exterior
    First off, sorry if I posted this wrong I’ve noticed there’s not many custom options for a rear bumper So I decided to build one. Not finished yet but I wanted to get thoughts and opinions ? if there Was enough interest I may consider building a few more
1-3 of 3 Results