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  1. Xterra Projects
    Hey yall, I'm throwing on a new front bumper on the X The Front bumper came from Coastal Offroad from B.C, Canada and as far as I can tell is a bad-ass bumper. I live in the interior of B.C, ordered the bumper and it arrived at my doorstep 7 days later. I can't weld worth shit so I hired a...
  2. Exterior
    My Coastal Offroad (C.O.) 2005-2015 Front Bumper Build on my 2006 S model XTerra 2nd Gen Xterra High Clearance Plate Bumper Kit - Coastal Offroad I searched for awhile for a custom bumper and was drawn to the C.O bumper for many reasons. I had trepidation about the welding aspect, but none of...
  3. Northwest Xterra Club (NWXC)
    Just received steel front bumper and rear wrap around (with tire carrier) from Coastal Offroad. Looking for any suggestions for a steel fabrication shop willing to do the work. I'm in Seattle but willing to go to any one from Olympia to Bellingham for good service and quality. I have all the...
1-3 of 3 Results