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  1. General Xterra
    Pretty sure if I was good at Tetris I could fit at least 40 bags of mulch. Love the X.
  2. For Sale
    Selling a rear cargo drawer/storage system for 05-15 Xterra. 3/4in birch and 1/2 birch poly-coated plywood. Drop in snug fit. Maintains a flat surface area in back. Drawers dimensions are 23in long and 11in in depth. The 2-drawer system fills the width of the rear cargo space Located in...
  3. For Sale
    Original from factory. In great shape, comes with all required hardware, netting, and cup holder straps.
  4. Wanted Items
    Looking for a Raingler MCN Roof Net for my Dephep rack. Thanks!
  5. For Sale
    I have a Cargo Organizer to go - $65 Plus shipping. (Or free local pickup of you're in NYC area) Slides right into the Xterra Cargo Utility-Track system. Your stuff ain't going anywhere. DM me if interested. Pics below
1-5 of 5 Results